Winches and hoists for rental

Short and long term rental

Conditions of renting a winch

Our company also specializes in winch rental. Thanks to cooperation with foreign partners, we offer winches and accessories on the territory of Poland from the central European warehouse.

Availability time.

We have every winch type available in stock. Delivery time to any place in Poland is approximately 3 days. However, you must take into account the formal procedures that we require when concluding a rental agreement.

Procedures and costs

The minimum rental period is one week. As a rule, we do not rent equipment for shorter periods, however, there are exceptions. Sometimes very large winches are needed for 2-3 days, and then a shorter rental period is possible. When concluding a contract, we require a deposit, which depends on the value of the goods. Most often, it is from several to several dozen thousand Polish zlotys. Payment for the entire rental period, including the deposit and transport, is paid in advance by the customer.

Return of goods

The customer is to report the end of the rental period at least 3 days before the scheduled pick-up.

In case of prolonging the rental period, we will deduct the due amount from the deposit.

Product range


We offer stationary, drum winches with electric, hydraulic and pneumatic motors.

- From 0.5T to 30T
- selected models available with inverters (speed control)
- Possibility of rental with rope of any length
- Possibility to modify the length of control cables


We offer suspended hoists with manual, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic drive.

- From 0.5T to 100T
- Depending on the lifting capacity, it is possible to prepare a device with any amount of chain
- All equipment complies with CE regulations
- Possibility to modify the length of control and connection cables



through-hole rope hoistsThrough-hole rope hoists

This type of hoist has no chain or storage drum. The rope is led through the hoist and can be of any length.

- No limitations on rope length
- Power supply 230V
- Load capacity from 0.2T to 1T
- Standard rope length is 150m



Sales offer

We also offer premium hoists in our sales offer, from a wide selection of our partners:

sale of hoists