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Please try ours winch pre-selector system. Select the drive type, steel wire rope length and capacity. The system will select the best winces for your needs.

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We are industrial winches manufacturer.

Industrial winches

Industrial Winch™ is a direct dealer, one of the most experienced manufacturers on the market. We produce electric, hydraulic and pneumatic winches for industrial applications, f.ex. offshore, oil rigs. We are located in Europe, but the range of our clients is worldwide.

Industrial Winch™, in cooperation with the world leader of winch manufacturing, has prepared a new manner of price calculation for various types of winches. You can contact our team 24/7 and in few minutes after inquiry we will give the estimated price of the winch that you are interested in, what can help you to plan your budget.

Our mission is to exceed the quality, performance, durability and safety expectations of our customers, whether in shipbuilding, oil and gas, dredging, fishing, construction, mining, theatre or general industry. Our core values are focused on maintaining the highest quality standards of our products and services. We understand the importance of ensuring that solutions meet or exceed the expectations placed upon them. We actively pursue ways of delivering this assurance, through open and honest dialogue, transparent operational procedures, rigorous testing and full certification.

With us you can save time and money, we have special prices and special discounts for our customers.

Marek Daniel, CEO

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