Electric hose reel winch hosehre999

Electric hose reel winch hosehre999


Electric hose reel winch hosehre999
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Umbilical / hose reels / transponder winches

These winches are designed for special applications. Winches are built as ordered by customers and can be executed with a self-braking wormgear or planetary gear, depending on loading. Hose reels are used to reel hoses for fresh water or fuel supply and hydraulic oil or to reel electrical power supply cables. Their drive can be; electric, hydraulic or pneumatic.
Umbilical winches are chiefly used to reel a combination of hoses, signal cables, coax or even fibre optic cables. Most of them come with slip rings and/or rotating swivels.
Transponder winches are chiefly used with electrical signal cables and have, in most cases, an electrical slip ring mounted. Winches can be supplied with their A-frames.

Industrial Winch™ has sold systems for all applications. Our systems can be found on the following type of constructions: offshore heavy lift vessels, offshore semi-subs, diving support vessels, research vessels, cable and pipe laying vessels and offshore pile-driving barges.


Standard features

  • Radial piston air or hydraulic motors
  • Self-braking wormgear, helical bevel, planetary or slew gear transmissions
  • Heavy duty construction
  • IP 56 TENV 400 V AC / 3 phases / 50 Hz braked motors (or 440/3/60)
  • Double layer 2-component conservation according ISO 12944 category C2-Low, colour RAL 5010

General options for winches

  • Drum divider flange
  • Grooved drum
  • Drum guard
  • Pressure roller
  • Spindle limit switch
  • Encoder + Spindle limit switch
  • Claw clutch
  • Friction clutch
  • Slack wire switch
  • Pneumatic spindle limit switch
  • Manual band brake
  • Hydraulic operated band brake
  • Pendant remote control
  • Pneumatic control valve
  • Spooling gear
  • Additional rope anchor
  • Slip ring
  • Manual emergency crank (on electric motor)
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