Electric accomodation ladder winch pw 550 e

Electric accomodation ladder winch pw 550 e

Speed 12.0 m/min, WLL 1st layer 550 kg.

Electric accomodation ladder winch pw 550 e Technical drawning of Electric accomodation ladder winch pw 550 e
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Series: W/P/WP - windlasses

This set of windlasses are specially constructed for intensive use. They have a robust construction with their band brakes lined with a ferrodo friction material.

Standard features

  • Orbit type hydraulic motor
  • Heavy duty worm gearbox or planetary/ worm gear combination
  • Free-fall clutch
  • Band brake
  • IP 56 TENV cast iron 400 V AC / 3 phases / 50 Hz non-braking motor with torque knob
  • Horizontal cast iron warping head
  • Suitable for 10 – 28 mm DIN / Studlink chain sizes from 12.5 - 28 mm
  • Three layer 2-component conservation according ISO 12944 category C4-High, colour RAL 5010

General options for winches

  • Drum divider flange
  • Grooved drum
  • Drum guard
  • Pressure roller
  • Spindle limit switch
  • Encoder + Spindle limit switch
  • Claw clutch
  • Friction clutch
  • Slack wire switch
  • Pneumatic spindle limit switch
  • Manual band brake
  • Hydraulic operated band brake
  • Pendant remote control
  • Pneumatic control valve
  • Spooling gear
  • Additional rope anchor
  • Slip ring
  • Manual emergency crank (on electric motor)
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WLL 1st layer [kg]:550 kg
Speed [m/min]:12.0 m/min
Number of layers:3
Drum capacity first layer:ladder 13 m
Mass:1600 kg
Holding force:2000 kg

*For more storage, higher / lower speed or change any parameter, please contact with us

Dimension D1:508 mm
Dimension D2:1700 mm
Dimension L1:1900.0 mm
Dimension L2:218.0 mm
Dimension L3:2440 mm
Dimension L4:1193 mm
Dimension L5:2552 mm
Dimension H2:1080 mm
Dimension H4:1930.0 mm
Dimension W1:650.0 mm
Dimension W2:250 mm