Electric winch AW 1000 ES

Electric winch
Power supply Electric
WLL lifting first layer 0 kg
WLL lifting top layer 1000 kg
Speed at 1st layer 7.5 m/min
Speed at top layer 0.0 m/min
Drum capacity on 1st layer 0 m
Drum capacity on top layer 40 m

Product specification AW 1000 ES

Power supply Electric
WLL lifting top layer 1000 kg
Holding force 3000 kg
Numbers of layers 3
Rope diameter 10 mm
Speed at 1st layer 7.5 m/min
Drum capacity on 1st layer 0 m
Drum capacity on top layer 40 m
Motor power 3.00 kW
Motor voltage 400V AC 3 phase
Weight 195 kg
Gearbox type Wormgear

*For more storage, higher / lower speed or change any parameter, please contact with us

Product dimensions AW 1000 ES

Series: AW/PW - winches for accomodation and ladder applications

Constructed as required by SOLAS for international shipping, they are equipped with a dynamically and statically self-braking wormgear and emergency hand crank. Every kind may be set for 1 or 2 rope operation and powered via an electric or pneumatic motor. These winches are designed for positioning and holding accommodation and ship-to-shore ladders, vessel-to-vessel ladders as well as offshore applications. Industrial Winch™ has one standard design (PW 550) which was provided to a couple of dredging vessel fleet owners. We have also provided sume customised designs. Do not hesitate to ask about all the available options.

Standard features

  • SOLAS compliance
  • Self-braking wormgear transmission for the AW series
  • Emergency hand crank for the AW series only
  • Planetary gear for PW 550
  • FEM / ISO class: T3-L3-M4
  • 13 meter pilot ladder with 32 fl at steps, 4 spreaders and 4 rubber steps for PW 550
  • Two drum supports
  • IP 56 TENV motor protection for the AW ES series
  • Pneumatic versions with hand control valve
  • IP 66 TENV with standstill heating for the PW 550
  • IP 66 spindle limit switch for PW 550
  • Rotary vane, gear type air or motor for the AW LS series
  • Double layer 2-component conservation, colour RAL 5010
  • Steel drum (not grooved) with one or two cable fixing point(s) at flange